Facebook Social Ads Exposed

Social Advertising on Facebook – will it really work for you?

Discover the Secret to Creating Social Ads on Facebook That Will Net you Facebook Fans – And Profitable Sales!

You may or may not frequently use Facebook… but I’m willing to bet you you’ve been just too busy to seriously think about Facebook ad creation.

Now, I know that’s a bold statement to make, but it’s based on solid research and fact.

People (and that includes marketers like you and I) often just use Facebook for one or two incredibly common reasons:

* To network your business

* To have fun and connect with friends

But there’s a third use for Facebook… one that big companies like Coca-Cola and Nike quickly discovered (after using teams of paid experts to help them promote their brands). And while it’s true that you will have to use different strategies, many of the principles remain the same.

So… have you ever seriously considered social advertising on Facebook.

Now, you’ve already got a handle on social networking. And you promote your business on Facebook and Twitter (almost) every day.
So Why Should You Pay to Actually
Advertise on Facebook?
What real advantage will that give you?

The answer may shock you, because … it may not give you any advantage at all!

There are many conditions that exist in the online world of social media – what you might consider the smallest details, ones you don’t even notice, can affect your business in shockingly positive – or negative – ways.

You may even have tried creating a Facebook ad – after all, it’s really easy and they virtually walk you through the process.

But afterwards, you didn’t notice much difference to your sales and subscriber list (though your pocket was lighter).

Sadder and wiser, you move on to the next trend threatening to emerge.

And besides, who says Facebook is the best venue for your social media ad? You actually prefer Twitter… and you really haven’t got the cash (or time) to start messing around with paid ads.

“You Could be Missing Thousands of Dollars From the Best Customers You’ll Never Know…”

If your budget is tight (especially in the aftermath of the economic downturn) adding a paid source of advertising can be frightening – especially if you’re new. It can feel sensible (and almost a relief) to quickly say: “Hey, that just isn’t for me.”

It also can turn out to be throwing good money after bad, if you already advertise in quite a few places – especially if you haven’t really had great results at all. (If, in fact, you actually lost money… in spite of doing your best keyword research!)

If you haven’t found any sort of advertising effective, it’s possible you just haven’t hit on the right feeding ground. (The ones where the fattest fish lurk, ready to nibble your lure!)

But how do you know if Facebook advertising is really going to work for you? What makes it the perfect solution?

Well, there are insider tips you need to learn – why go through the experience of making mistakes if you don’t have to?

Why not learn from others… who finally found out what it was they were not doing right?

Imagine being able to know in advance if Facebook advertising is really the Holy Grail your business has been questing for..

…or if you were able to realize this absolutely isn’t the right venue for you!

Hey, that’s the sort of thing you’ve already been learning, by trial and error. AdWords, Adsense, Banner Ads… that frustrating peel-away you really never could master…

But what if you could take less than half an hour (less than a quarter, if you’re a fast reader!) and find out all the ins and outs of Facebook advertising?

What if you could easily find out for yourself, all in the time it takes to drink your next hot cup of coffee…

* 9 questions you need to answer – before you decide to create (or not create) your Facebook ad

* Why long-tailed keywords will – and won’t – help you make the most of Facebook

* The simple keyword precaution you have to take, when planning ads for Facebook users

* The simple thought to keep in mind, to make sure Facebook is a match for your business

* The single most common habit of Facebook users repeat… that you should use to your – and their – best advantage

* The single most important difference between Facebook users and Google searchers that you really do need to know

And what if it also clued you in about:

* The fine points that Facebook’s easy ad creation system doesn’t tell you

* Giving your Facebook fans a choice – one that will help them eagerly want to pay

* 3 vital keys to keep in mind, when you’re creating your Facebook ads

* 5 steps for going viral and 12 steps for maximizing your success – a case study that will teach you principles you can apply as a model (thought it’s specific techniques we study!)

* 7 tips for making the most of your Facebook Fan Page – and why you should have one

* Selective omission – and how it worked for this one wildly popular gaming company (while fitting with Facebook’s rules)

* The down side of Facebook Ads – 9 Facebook Ad mistakes and vital facts you need to know

And after you’d quickly read all these things, and got the “big picture” (in a small, easily-manageable frame)… What if You Discovered Facebook Advertising was The Piece you’d Been Missing All Along?

Only now you know enough “behind the scenes” factors and tips to take more than an educated guess at whether or not it’s right for you…

…and fit the facts into your focused social media advertising plan!

The easy way is to have a guide that will let you know things like:

* How Facebook selects ads to be displayed – and why

* What is sure to get your ad “disapproved” faster than any other factors

* How to make sure your ad is seen by the right people

You can help yourself to such a guide today!

Now, mind you, there are some things it won’t do: It won’t teach you a step-by-step method to set up an ad (you don’t need it… Facebook ad creation is that easy!) It won’t tell you how to create graphics, do anything sneaky or become an Ad executive or guru overnight.

It’s just a straightforward guide to fast-track you towards understanding:

* How to know if Facebook advertising is a fit for your business

* What you need to know to create ads that are more likely to be approved

It’s called “Facebook Social Ads Exposed”… and you can download it straight away!

One other reason to seriously consider exploring Facebook advertising… Facebook ads have the ability to go viral… but only if you know who you’re trying to reach, and what makes Facebook favor some ads over others… and repeat them more often.

Including the single most important factor that can ensure your ads are seen – and why most people simply don’t know this.

And it’s got nothing to do with reading the rules and guidelines (thought naturally you should do that too!)

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